Ivy Comptech

“I always feel like coming to the office (there are no Monday blues here!) and I’m proud to say that I am an Ivy-an.”

Our employees share what life at Ivy is like

Ankita Makin

Project Manager

I joined Ivy as a Senior Test Engineer a few years ago. And, in just a short time, I've grown professionally and personally.

I’ve been promoted to multiple roles; from a Test Analyst to a Business Analyst. And, by being open-minded and curious, I’ve discovered new character strengths and interests. “If you can dream it, you can achieve it” has always been my success mantra and Ivy has given me the platform to prove it right.
Working here, you’re given a blank canvas and the freedom to paint a beautiful picture of how you see your own success.

Anthil Anbazhagan

CTO – Platform

Every journey is special for one reason or another.

But there are some journeys which are life-defining. And, in my case, the journey I’ve been on with Ivy is exactly that. Every experience here has taught me something important and helped propel my career.
A LIFE-DEFINING JOURNEY My horizons have expanded due to the endless opportunities that Ivy’s open canvas has provided me. In short, you’re only limited by your imagination. At Ivy, the world is your oyster.

Shoba Digvijay

Head of Revenue & AR

Ivy is never short of challenges.

And in my 15+ years working here I’ve benefited from the opportunities those challenges present; learning new things and discovering how to handle difficult situations. Since joining as an associate, I’ve progressed into management and now lead our Revenue and AR team.
One of the things I like most about Ivy is the approachability of everyone working here. We’re all encouraged to innovate and be creative and to express and share our ideas.
Everyone is listened to equally and each suggestion is considered and valued. And when your idea’s implemented the feeling is amazing. But it’s not all about professional learning and growth. I’ve made a lot of good friends during my time here. And I have memories which will stay with me for my lifetime.
NO MONDAY BLUES There’s a real sense of belonging. We always work together as a team, we face challenges together, and we have fun together. Ivy is a big part of my life. I always feel like coming to the office (there are no Monday blues here!) and I’m proud to say that I am an Ivy-an.

Uma Maheshwari Swaminathan

Project Manager

When you join Ivy you start on a lifelong journey of learning.

Ivy genuinely cares for its employees, and this includes their professional development as well as their wellbeing and happiness. I’ve been with Ivy for over 10 years now (and counting) and I’ve been on such an amazing journey.
I joined as a senior executive in the administration department but was soon promoted to assistant manager. Supported by my leaders and colleagues, my confidence grew and my interest in the tech world grew too.
SUCCESS IS A JOURNEY I believe in strengthening my internal skills (it’s a mindset that fits in well with Ivy’s entrepreneurial spirit) and I was encouraged to be ambitious. By being given the opportunity to learn new things and explore different aspects of the business, I’ve changed direction.
I’m now a Project Manager for our Games Factory studio. Loving every minute. And proud to have become a real techie!

Ashish Sarda

Manager – P2P

My journey with Ivy started in 2006 accompanied by a feeling of sky-high excitement (it’s a feeling I still get every day when I come to the office!).

The warm and friendly welcome I received made me feel comfortable from day one and I quickly realised I’d become part of a super-talented team. Under the guidance of my leaders, I’ve grown both professionally and also as an individual; progressing from associate to manager of a thriving team.
KEEP LEARNING AND INSPIRE OTHERS TO LEARN Everyone who works here is dynamic so the environment’s always full of energy and enthusiasm. The industry we’re in is dynamic too; changing day by day. This also encourages us to be more innovative, adaptive to changes, and open to challenges. But it’s not all work.
There are also a lot of fun activities which bring people together. After spending so many years here, I’m so happy I chose Ivy to pursue my career.
How would I sum up Ivy? Keep learning and inspire others to learn.

Pallavi Madishetty

Senior Manager – Gaming Operations

Having spent close to two decades at Ivy and being part of the organisation’s journey the whole time, it’s difficult to articulate my feelings about a place which is practically my second home.

I started here as a designer in 2001. I’m now a manager, leading a team of 25! Soon after joining Ivy, I was asked to set up our Game Factory team. And, through a combination of self-motivation and careful nurturing from Ivy, I took the leap.
I managed all game configurations and eventually became a manager for the casino operations team. But my transformation isn’t unique. Most Ivy-ans will have a similar story to share.
PRACTICALLY MY SECOND HOME If you’re ambitious and want to challenge yourself to deliver better, Ivy is a place where there will always be opportunities to do so. Our relentless pursuit of excellence drives us to newer, more remarkable milestones every day. We’re on an epic and exciting journey and I’m glad to call it my second home.
Anything else? Well I found the love of my life here too and have never been happier (just one more, BIG, reason to be thankful for joining Ivy).

Gitanjali Mandal

Manager – Payments

On 1st September 2003 I started my journey with Ivy and it’s been a joyful ride ever since.

I love the people I work with, be it bosses or colleagues. I enjoy working with likeminded people all around the world. And, through multiple growth and learning opportunities, I’ve been empowered to be the best I can be. At Ivy you really can be yourself, and everyone gets the chance to shine.
IF YOU LOVE YOUR WORK AND WHO YOU WORK FOR YOU’RE MORE LIKELY TO STICK AROUND The atmosphere’s fun, friendly and fast-paced. And the employee benefits are carefully designed to take care of our happiness and wellbeing. During my 16+ years with Ivy I’ve embraced all of the opportunities that an energetic and broad-minded company can offer.
And experienced fantastic personal growth and job satisfaction as a result. I’ve also learnt that if you love your work and who you work for, why would you want to leave?

Neeta Jagirdar

Senior Business Analyst

Ivy is the heart and soul behind the entertainment and gaming industry.

As an industry leader, it sets the pace when it comes to technology development. So, if you’re a software engineer looking to work with, and learn from, the latest tech, strategies and processes it’s a great place to be.
As a Business Analyst, my skill-set is constantly growing as I adapt to all the challenges and complications that software development in such a thriving business presents. Working at Ivy is like taking part in a fun, lively, focused and supportive discussion.
We’re all encouraged to provide inputs and share suggestions. And this leads to some great collaborative decision-making. With great personal and professional assistance and support from mentors and managers thrown in, there’s no end to the learning opportunities available here.