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Uma Maheshwari Swaminathan: Project Manager

IVY Day16721

When you join Ivy you start on a lifelong journey of learning.

Ivy genuinely cares for its employees, and this includes their professional development as well as their wellbeing and happiness. I’ve been with Ivy for over 10 years now (and counting) and I’ve been on such an amazing journey.

I joined as a senior executive in the administration department but was soon promoted to assistant manager. Supported by my leaders and colleagues, my confidence grew and my interest in the tech world grew too.


I believe in strengthening my internal skills (it’s a mindset that fits in well with Ivy’s entrepreneurial spirit) and I was encouraged to be ambitious. By being given the opportunity to learn new things and explore different aspects of the business, I’ve changed direction.

I’m now a Project Manager for our Games Factory studio. Loving every minute. And proud to have become a real techie!