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Shoba Digvijay: Head of Revenue & AR

IVY Day17212

Ivy is never short of challenges.

And in my 15+ years working here I’ve benefited from the opportunities those challenges present; learning new things and discovering how to handle difficult situations. Since joining as an associate, I’ve progressed into management and now lead our Revenue and AR team.

One of the things I like most about Ivy is the approachability of everyone working here. We’re all encouraged to innovate and be creative and to express and share our ideas.

Everyone is listened to equally and each suggestion is considered and valued. And when your idea’s implemented the feeling is amazing. But it’s not all about professional learning and growth. I’ve made a lot of good friends during my time here. And I have memories which will stay with me for my lifetime.


There’s a real sense of belonging. We always work together as a team, we face challenges together, and we have fun together. Ivy is a big part of my life. I always feel like coming to the office (there are no Monday blues here!) and I’m proud to say that I am an Ivy-an.