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Ashish Sarda: Manager - P2P

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My journey with Ivy started in 2006 accompanied by a feeling of sky-high excitement (it’s a feeling I still get every day when I come to the office!).

The warm and friendly welcome I received made me feel comfortable from day one and I quickly realised I’d become part of a super-talented team. Under the guidance of my leaders, I’ve grown both professionally and also as an individual; progressing from associate to manager of a thriving team.


Everyone who works here is dynamic so the environment’s always full of energy and enthusiasm. The industry we’re in is dynamic too; changing day by day. This also encourages us to be more innovative, adaptive to changes, and open to challenges. But it’s not all work.

There are also a lot of fun activities which bring people together. After spending so many years here, I’m so happy I chose Ivy to pursue my career.

How would I sum up Ivy? Keep learning and inspire others to learn.