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Ankita Makin: Business Analyst

IVY Day16453

I joined Ivy as a Senior Test Engineer a few years ago. And, in just a short time, I've grown professionally and personally.

I’ve been promoted to multiple roles; from a Test Analyst to a Business Analyst. And, by being open-minded and curious, I’ve discovered new character strengths and interests. “If you can dream it, you can achieve it” has always been my success mantra and Ivy has given me the platform to prove it right.

Working here, you’re given a blank canvas and the freedom to paint a beautiful picture of how you see your own success. The environment here is fun and fast-moving and provides everyone with the exposure they need to realise their potential and learn new things.


The challenges we face every day keep us motivated to think outside the box, push boundaries and come up with the best solutions. Another big benefit is our global outlook. We work with teams across the world, learning about new cultures and developing our interpersonal skills. 

But one of my proudest achievements is my team. Powered predominantly by women, we epitomise Ivy’s commitment to gender equality, particularly in the field of technology. At Ivy it really is true that the only thing stopping you from achieving your dreams is you!